Green Azin is an entrepreneurial Dutch company in the global markets of Agriculture and Horticulture. As our company name indicates, green products and services from a to z are in our business, we provide supply chain solutions and consulting services to our customers around the world. Being able to build an extensive and reliable network of solid partners, we are able to provide tailored solutions based on customers’ needs.

Founded by Seyed Hossein Naeemi in 2015 and based in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, Green Azin supports competitiveness and innovation in agriculture industry.  We combine competitiveness and expertise with technology and science to deliver efficient and sustainable solutions for our customers based on their needs and requirements and enable them to make a positive impact on environmental issues that our planet face.


Green Azin has a solid team of experts within the field of supply chain planning and agriculture industry. With our expertise we can offer our customers a divers portfolio of products and services that enable them to solve challenges in their operations.

Green Azin at a glance


Green Azin, founded in 2015 and located in Rotterdam, is an entrepreneurial Dutch company active in agriculture and horticulture business.

Our mission

We strive to bring added value to our customers in agriculture business by leveraging competitiveness, technology and supply chain planning.

Who we are

A diverse group of people with expertise and experience in the field of supply chain planning and agriculture industry.

Why Green Azin?

We offer the best solution for your business at a competitive price and continuously are investing new methods to bring added values to our customers.